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Oliveto | Rhodes

Anthony and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary at Oliveto Restaurant in Rhodes. We had driven past Oliveto many times and decided to give it a shot. It is fairly close to where we live, and being a school night this was a bonus.

As we walked up to Oliveto (I was wearing heels so this did take some time), we noticed the lovely vine leaves they have growing around the entrance. The building itself is contemporary and this gave us a hint of what we were to expect for our dinner. Classic italian with a modern twist.

Entrance to Oliveto

I had made our reservation online and requested we have a seat where we could see the nearby river. I was pleased to see that our request was granted. This was our lovely view. The decor was quite modern and minimalistic which was perfect! The glass walls provided a naturalist theme.

We ordered some wine. Since it was a special occasion and we were in an Italian restaurant we opted for the Castiglioni Chianti dated 2010, the year we were married. The wine was pretty darn nice!

After looking at the menu, one thing was clear, they definitely specialise in seafood. We aren’t big seafood eaters however from time to time we will eat a fillet of fish, any form of fried fish and Anthony seems to quite like crabs. They had a range of pizza available, which was quite affordable as well as freshly made pasta.

For our entree we tried the mixed olives with lemon zest, chilli, rosemary & house made grissini and also the fried baby calamari with semi-dried tomatoes, chilli, basil, garlic. While we waited for these to arrive, we received a complimentary basket of bread with a wine and olive oil dip. After we had finished this, we were asked if we wanted more bread.. now thats service!

Our olives and calamari arrived. I must say, I did not expect the calamari to be as fresh as it was. When I think calamari, I think of what you get at a fish and chips shop. This was the most posh and fresh calamari I have ever had in my life! Despite being weirded out about seeing a tentacle or two I demolished the entire thing.

Anthony isn’t a huge olive fan (weird I know) so I ate most of those. The grissini’s were rolled up flat bread cooked somehow (I’m thinking fried, however I’m no chef.. I just like to eat). Either way they were pretty tasty.

Oliveto Entree, Calamari and Olives

Now for the mains. I was torn between the buffalo mozzarella, tomato confit, basil gnocchi and the beef eye fillet with truss tomatoes, cavolo nero, potato gratin and gorgonzola butter. The eye fillet won and boy was I glad I ordered it. The steak was tender and cooked to perfection. The potato gratin was also amazing. I am a huge potato fan (which led me to my gym membership) and as such I gobbled this down before my husband could even try a small bit.

I didn’t try the tomatoes or the “green stuff” as I needed to leave room for dessert. I ate the important stuff :p
Oliveto Main - Steak with potato gratin and tomato

Anthony ordered the crab spaghetti. After trying to extract a review out of him, apparently it was good. After an attempt to get more information he has advised, “… I don’t know.. it was nice!” .. and continued back to his computer game… Skyrim.

Oliveto - Crab Pasta

For dessert I scanned for the word chocolate and found the chocolate mousse cake with cherry chambord jelly and crema pasticcera. The hardest part about eating this was that I was way too full, and it was so delicious. After taking many breaks I finished the entire thing. It was most definitely worth it.

Anthony had the affogato. I won’t disturb his game to find out how it was. I’m sure it was great.

oliveto dessert - Affogato and Chocolate mouse cake.

All in all, we were really happy we chose this place for our anniversary dinner. The only thing I would change is to add some gentle background music.

Oliveto Restaurant
443 Concord Road,
Rhodes, NSW

‘s Review¬†

Overall: Decor is great and the view is lovely. The food tasted amazing and the service was lovely.

Price: Depending on what you eat. They have affordable specials and pizza. We opted for expensive food due to the occasion we were celebrating.

Taste: Fresh, well cooked, delicious.

Decor: Contemporary and chic.

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  1. OOOOHHHH I always see this place on the way to Ikea. Looks very romantic, I shall have to try it out :)

  2. Oh this place looks quite nice, I like the look of that crab spaghetti!

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