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Mrs Fields | Top Ryde

Frothaholics unite! If there is a place that knows how to provide their cappuccino loving customers with plenty of froth, it has to be Mrs Fields Top Ryde.

I never knew about Mrs Fields until they kept stealing my foursquare mayorship on places I frequent at Top Ryde! Noooo, I would chant! <insert darth vader “no” clip/>. Eventually, I thought I probably should try this place now that they have my attention.

Nestled right outside of Event Cinemas, Freedom Furniture and Myer I find this cookie heaven. They have a cute little children’s table with pencils and paper, a great place for young families and mothers groups.

During my first visit, I thought it best to try some cookies too. Bewildered by my choices, the friendly staff member helped me by explaining what each cookie was. At this point, my husband had disappeared into the Myer abyss in search of socks. I purchased the “snickerdoodle” (think cinnamon toast but on a cookie) for Anthony as he absolutely lives on cinnamon toast,  and the “chocolate lovers” (need I say more ?) cookie for me. Cappuccinos were also purchased for both of us.

Everything came out to the table and my husband was still not in sight. The lovely lady that brought out my coffee advised that if he is gone to long they can, wait for this, reheat/redo his coffee. Where else do you get such service? I assure you they didn’t even know I would be reviewing them.

Finally Anthony decides to grace me with his presence. We start on our coffee and to my excitement I notice the froth ratio. I get straight on the phone and call one of my most amazing friends, Marlene, who just like me, loves frothy cappuccinos. “Marlene, OMG, you have got to try Mrs Fields for coffee” I say. She replies, “One step ahead of you, I found this place 3 weeks ago!”

So now, we share the secret with the world! Mrs Fields Top Ryde makes a mean coffee! Past the froth lies great consistency and taste. You can tell that the coffee was not rushed.

The cookies were divine. I tried some of the cinnamon cookie and I was amazed by the taste. I expected dry, hard to eat cookies however they were fresh, soft (but not too soft) and tasty. The chocolate lovers cookie was well named. In a way I wish I had never tasted it. Now I know it is there, easily attainable, waiting for my next bite. I suppose I should start using that gym membership of mine.

On a subsequent visit I tried the cookie chiller. Very rich in taste! I loved it, however if you find anything like a thick shake or an ice chocolate too strong you probably should stay away from it. Leave it to the professionals (me)

If you are ever in Top Ryde, I highly recommend this place for a great coffee. Pre movie coffee perhaps?

Mrs Fields Top Ryde
Level 1, Top Ryde City
Cnr Blaxland Rd &, Devlin Street
Ryde NSW 2112

‘s Review 

Overall: This place really does know how to make a good coffee. Great place if you just want a quick naughty snack and a nice caffeine hit.

Price: Affordable.

Taste: I’ve gone 3 times, with 3 different people making the coffee and it has been consistent.

Decor: Generic Mrs Fields decor. Clean, modern and they have a kids area.

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  1. Yay! Glad we could make you smile with our service, our coffee & our treats! :D

    • Thanks Paulo, looking forward to my next coffee. Any suggestions for a cookie flavour?

      • WhiteMac hands down the best cookie, its my fav although choc lovers comes a close 2nd. Then u must try PBDB :)

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