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Braza Churrascaria | Leichhardt

A few friends and I decided to catch up and they suggested churrasco. This may come as a shock to everyone, but I had never had Churrasco in my life! So I thought it was time that I tried it. I should point out that I generally do not like salty food at all.

We get there and are offered cheesy puffy bread. Yum! My friend, Matt, advised me not to get full on sides. I knew that there was no way I could eat the amount of meat they had specified on the menu, especially since I don’t eat pork, lamb or chicken hearts. So I decided to give most the sides a go too.

If you are a churrasco newbie like I was, basically you pay a set price and this awesome waiter walks around with meat, carves it and you take a piece and eat it. At the first piece I thought, “oh is that all?” Then about 10 minutes into it I was trying to work out how I can eat more without being in pain!

So what did it taste like? A pretty awesome BBQ. Definitely the place to go if you love meat. It is a bit salty, and despite not being a huge fan of salty food this was quite enjoyable! Here are some quotes from the people I went with, “it tasted awesome”, “OMG, I’m so full”, ” I want to eat it but I’m so full, oh ok another piece then”.

What about the sides? Tasty as! If you are a huge meat fan you probably would avoid it so that you have more room for the meat but I loved the sides! Especially the potato salad and the “Tá Fritos do Braza” which was banana and polenta chips.

…but wait! There’s more. BBQ pineapple with cinnamon. What a brilliant invention! Who on Earth thought this up? Obviously someone from Brazil.. This is a must eat on the menu! Fan-bloody-tastic!

Braza Leichhardt
13, Norton Street
Leichhardt, NSW

‘s Review 

Overall: I’m not the biggest fan of Salty meat but clearly I enjoyed it as I was eating more food despite being full. I was tempted to rate this 4 star because of the salt but that is how Brazilian BBQ is made. Also with the amount of people that drool at the sound of the word “Braza” who am I to judge?

Price:  $42 bux and all you can eat meat. Literally!

Taste: Meat was salty however that is the style so can’t really penalize on it, sides were great, pineapple was AWESOME!

Decor:  Clean, tidy, Brazilian?

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