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Arawan Thai | Ryde

I happened to see a voucher or Ouffer.com for Arawan Thai. I have eaten here before however I wanted to try it again before I reviewed it. I purchased the voucher and visited this lovely place again. The voucher was $39 for a three course meal and a bottle of wine for two people. I naturally went with my husband.

When we got there we were seated near the door, I guess the other tables are reserved for full paying customers. I thought that was fair. I have actually used a voucher at another Thai place before and I felt very ripped off as the portion sizes and choices were very limited and I’d have had a better experience buying a proper main. When we got there we were asked if we knew which main we wanted, I asked if we could see the menu first as we have no idea what they are serving. The waitress returned with a list of things they were happy to serve us on our discounted rate. Everything they were suggesting was seafood based and well I really just wanted a vegetarian and chicken dish to share. I asked if we could select something else and we basically could choose any of the mains that were usually $15.90. I chose vegetarian panang (red) curry and also chicken cashew nut.

The entree’s were a mixed plate for both of us. We had a curry puff, spring roll, chicken wing, satay chicken and a money bag each. I thought wow that’s plenty! We chose red wine as the white wine is usually cheap chardonnay and I’ve only ever liked the taste of very expensive chardonnay. All other white wines I am generally ok with.

Next we received our mains. To my surprise the portions were not cut in half and we struggled to finish our food! It tasted fantastic! They really do care about what their customers think in terms of the taste of their food and service.

Lastly we received our dessert. I think this is where they save their money. We had vanilla ice cream with chocolate ice magic, rainbow sprinkles and a chocolate wafer. Despite being a very cheap dessert to serve, I welcomed it. I love ice magic! and at $19.50 per person I think we had a bargain meal!

Arawan Thai
Shop 2-3, 43 Blaxland Rd
Ryde NSW 2112

‘s Review 

Overall: Food tastes great. A bit understaffed in the waitress department and you can notice they are visibly stressed. Once they seem less stressed they are lovely people however it can take a while to be served if they are busy.

Price:  I had a voucher and it was super cheap $39 three course and wine for 2. Their prices are generally cheap anyway.

Taste: Everything we had tasted fantastic. Cannot fault the food.

Decor:  Very clean, great mood with lighting. The chairs are wood though so if that is a problem for you they have a cushioned bench against the wall.

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