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Abla’s | Granville

If there’s one thing the West does well, it’s Middle Eastern sweets. Nothing in the city, North Shore or otherwise quite compares, and Abla’s is one of my faves!

The Granville store is huuuuuge, and- conveniently located-¬† just around the corner from El Jannah (you MUST visit both together for an authentic Middle Eastern meal). If you’re looking for a sugar hit, a sugar hit is exactly what you’ll get here, and then some. Abla’s is home to a dizzying variety of baklava, biscuits, cakes, slices and even gelato!

The store has a steady stream of customers on any given night, and a Sunday night is no different. we patiently queue and all too soon I find myself at the register. I panic…what will I have? There’s so many unbelievable options, and the boy and I have given ourselves a limit of 2 pieces each. I feel like a kid in a candy store, but finally settle on the birds nest (my all time, absolute favourite, second picture below) and a Viennese chocolate biscuit while the boy settles for pistachio baklava.

We take away and the total comes to a grand $4. Yes, all that magic for $1 per piece. Most people buy in bulk, so we do get some strange looks, however, smaller quantity = less danger of over-indulging. If you’re eating in, I recommend the Turkish coffee to accompany your goodies.

The verdict? Amazing pastry with just the right amount of crunch on the outside, with texture on the inside. Not soggy or drowning in syrup. Smiles all round!

Most people buy in bulk for special occasions, or gifts. I’ve received platters from here on a number of occasions, and let me tell you, it’s a little bit of magic wrapped in cellophane. The gift that keeps on giving!

They also have a great variety of non- Middle Eastern desserts. I haven’t tried these, but they did look delicious.

Oh and if you need to pick up a cake for a special occasion while you’re there, like say a wedding, knock yourself out.

If you have a craving for authentic Lebanese/Turkish/Greek/Armenian baklava, get thee down to Abla’s quick sticks – but note, only authentic baklava here, no sickly sweet honey versions in sight. Oh and if you’re heading down, you may as well give El Jannah a go too!


‘s Review¬†

Overall: Great variety of authentic baklava & sweets. Comfy to eat in or take away available. Great for gifts.

Price: Very reasonable.

Taste: Amazing. Crunchy, great texture and just the right amount of syrup.

Decor: Clean and tidy, with ample seating.

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